StepManiaX Machine All-In-One (1st-3rd Generation)

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Fun and competitive step-based Exergaming for Home, Fitness, Education, E-Sports and Family Recreation Centers.

StepManiaX is a universal all-in-one system featuring the latest generation of step-based Exergaming by Step Revolution. StepManiaX utilizes a pressure based platform that users step on to the beat of music.

The newly developed hardware features an industrial design and traditional pressure sensors to create an intelligent input and LED based lighting system. This impressive combination provides indestructible hardware that is visually appealing and with ongoing calibration to always provide an optimum play experience, without the typical maintenance required by traditional dance stage switches.

The software guides users with the familiar cardinal directions (Left, Down, Up, Right), in addition to utilizing a new center position that promotes aerobic movement. A large touchscreen navigation system provides the ultimate user experience that is intuitive and easily manipulated by all generations of users.
As far as difficulty goes:  The software features four modes of single difficulty (Basic, Easy, Hard, Wild) and 3 modes of double difficulty (Dual, Full, Team - which is shared between 2 people) Additionally, there is an abundance of configurable options that players can use to customize speed, effects, and many other settings.  Veteran players can also keep track of their latest accomplishment with the StepManiaX mobile app.  

The songlist provides a plethora of upbeat, catchy and energetic music that appeals to Western and European audiences. Over 80 songs (and more constantly being added) gives a wide selection of new tracks and familiar favorites that have been revived from past Step Revolution titles.

StepManiaX is a uniquely addictive experience with large appeal due to it's catchy music selection and easily approachable design that many exergaming solutions struggle to provide.  It successfully reinvents the dance game genre and provides endless fun with a large variety of  uses including:  Home, Health & Fitness, Education, Competitive E-Sports and Family Recreation.

The system includes everything needed to operate with minimal technical knowledge required.

  • Stainless steel metal support bars.
  • Game Software and CPU (and network updates)
  • Additional FREE & Paid Downloadable Content
  • Complete functionality without the requirement of a network connection
  • 42" Infrared multi touch monitor with protective case and tempered glass
  • Integrated Sound System
  • 1 year warranty on parts

  • Strain Gauge / Load Cell (pressure based) redundant sensors per panel with automatic calibration for always "perfect" sensitivity and minimal maintenance.

  • Intelligent LED lighting for each panel with additional accent lighting.
  • Vibration resistant / shock absorbing panels.

  • Built in leveler/locking antivibration support wheels for use with a variety of flooring.
    Can be used on Carpet/Hardwood/Concrete/linoleum.

  • User serviceable 

  • Modular design allows for compact storage as well as transporting


    All of the features and compatibility from our stand alone StepManiaX Stages for use with other games and software solutions!

178cm (W) x 132cm (L) x 198.12cm (H)
70" (W)  x 51.97" (L) x 78" (H)

NOTE:  Machines ship to clients within 30 days from the purchase date.