StepManiaX Stage (1st-3rd Generation)

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An industrial step based controller designed for use in a variety of environments and software configurations.  
NOTE:  Stages are 1 Player and can be linked to become 2 player

35" x 47" x 7"
889mm x  1194mm x 178mm

220 lbs
99.79 KG


  • Strain Gauge / Load Cell (pressure based) redundant sensors per panel with automatic calibration for always "perfect" sensitivity and minimal maintenance. 
    Sensor control & customization via configuration software.  
    20 (15KG) Load Cell Sensors included.
  • Plug N' Play USB Interface
  • Intelligent LED lighting per panel
    Automatic lighting with "step on" support and assignable colors 
  • 5 panel input: (upgradable to 9 panel)
    Interchangeable panel positions support cardinal or corner + center configurations with alternating stainless steel panels.
  • Removable stainless steel support bar with improved width/length/thickness.
  • Support for connecting additional stages
  • Vibration resistant / shock absorbing panels.
  • Built in leveler/locking antivibration support wheels for use with a variety of flooring. Can be used on Carpet/Hardwood/Concrete/Linoleum.
  • User serviceable 
  • Modular design allows for compact storage as well as transporting
  • Software configuration tool for diagnostics, adjustable sensitivity and lighting control. 

NOTE:  Stages ship to clients within 30 days from the purchase date.